• Pile monitoring
    • Pile instrumentation by strain gauges, extensometer, load cell and dial gauges for drill hole monitoring
    • Measure load from each hydraulic jacks during pile load test to control eccentricity.

As the excavation technique has been developed now a day . Diameter and depth of drilled hole tends to become wider and deeper. For these reason , drilling monitor is required to confirm state of wall face , hole diameter, verticality and inclination.


Load Cell

Measure load developed in each layer of soil during pile load test.


Strain Gauges


Drill hole monitoring

Our Partner



Wind Power Project.

In October 2015, Infratech ASTM Co., Ltd has awarded the contract for tubular tower design and space frame tower design of Krissana Wind Power Project, K.R. One Project, K.R.S. Three Project and Tropical Wind Project.

Kabinburi Power Plant

On 15-Oct-15 The TOYO Engineering company hire the contract of Soil / Rock investigation and soil laboratory test for the KABINBURI Power Plant project

Soil Investigation and Pile load test.

On 21-May-15 The Juwi company hire the contract for Soil investigation and Pile load test 3 projects as follows B-GRIMM 8 MW Shine Solar Farm , B-GRIMM 8 MW Yanhee Solar Farm and B-GRIMM 6.5 MW Yanhee Solar Farm Wang Muang District,Saraburi Province.